Second build – Day 6

All that’s left now is to fit the new bodywork… but wait.

It seems a shame to spoil the whatsit for a hap’orth of stuff.
The clock covers and the radiator covers are 40 years old and showing their age.
Even with a great deal of rubbing and polishing with various solvents, (Acetone works best), the finish is never going to match that fresh out of the mould look.
These items are some of the few still being manufactured, and while I have resisted until now, the lure of shiny plastic is too much and I ordered new parts.

While I am awaiting these in the post, it gives me a chance to finalise some other aspects of the build.
There is a very slight weep from the LHS barrel drain bolt. I suspect the sealing washers have never been renewed or replaced, so I ordered some new 8mm copper washers.

The plastics arrived, and I removed the clocks to fit the new covers.