Second build – Day 4

Another day pottering around doing bit by bit.

  • Inspect, clean and paint RD250LC(4L2) Exhausts
  • Paint all the exhausts with one coat of pot black brushed on except downtubes.
  • Wire brush the newly bushed RHS Footpeg hangar
  • Dismantle both old footrest hangars for cleaning and parts
  • wire brush LHS Footrest hangar to get (most of) the old lacquer off

I chose to paint the pipes with pot-black, (now renamed, Cylinder black), because of the shocking state of the exhausts after 3 months on the road and just 500 miles, albeit in all weathers.
The pipes were sprayed with 3 coats of hugely expensive high temperature paint, which gave a nice finish… almost like the OEM finish, but it had all but disappeared, leaving rust streaks all over the place.
“Back in the day”, I used to brush paint the pipes with a couple of coats of pot black, taking the pipes off, and repeating every spring.
While the finish is poor, (from close inspection), they look decent from a couple of meters or more, and the pot black seemed to last for a year.

After letting the paint dry overnight…

  • Clean and paint RD250LC(4L2) Exhaust headers (2 coats of pot black)
  • Fit footrests and hangars
  • Fit powder coated brake torque arm
  • Engine in frame (protect frame rails with bits of old carpet)
  • Route and connect the wiring

It’s looking like a motorcycle again