Meanwhile: Footrests

Footrests and hangers.
The donor bike arrived without pillion footpegs, even though it had some when it was originally built.

Rooting through the parts bin I did find 2 pillion pegs, but only one was from an LC, and that one was going to require some extensive work to restore.
This was a case where buying a pattern part was clearly going to be more cost effective and easier… but i had thought that about the headlamp, and was disappointed by the quality and looks.
I laid out what had come from the donor bike, and what I had found in the parts box.
From the two piles, I could surely find enough to clean up and use.

The first step will be to examine and repair a gear linkage.
Here are all of the bits from which I can choose, and what it should look like…

…and the parts I selected to do the job… and not.

Now to select two least damaged and dirty hangars and give them a clean.
The rotary wire brush comes in handy again.
These hangars have been polished and sprayed with lacquer in the past, and I faven’t managed to remove all of it… but this will do for the initial build.
they can be sent off for vapour blasting later… if I have any money left!

A bit of grease to refit the gear-change linkage and rear brake linkage and the job is done.
The footrests and pillion pegs are missing, or represent too big a job, being worn out… so I’ll be buying new replacements.

The mounting bolts are an assorted bunch of battered metal, with one of the top bolts missing altogether, and for once, while I have located a pair of bolts for the bottom mounts, I have no options from the parts box for the shorter top mounts.

Rather than buy some cheapo mild steel replacements, I treated the bike to some titanium.

The bike is looking much more like a “bike” now.

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