Meanwhile : Tacho cable.

It has been a 30 year mystery to me, why every LC engine I have ever had come my way has had a wrecked thread on the tacho drive.
I mean, I accept that most owners of LCs in the early days, and even through the 90’s and beyond, were cack handed gorillas, but every-single-one?

I wonder no longer.
While waiting for the rebore on the top end of the project bike, I have been going through the diminishing pile of donor bike parts, and procuring those which are needed to replace broken of overly worn parts.
One of these was the tacho cable, which I ordered from an ebay vendor.
(Stoopid, I know… should have gone direct to Norbo at RDLCCrazy!)

The auction was marked specifically for RD250LC, and when it arrived, it was clear that it was not, having a drive end thread which was a “screw into” type.
A brief conversation with the vendor provided some fun, as they assured me that it was the correct one, matching all of their stock numbers.
Eventually, I sent them the specifications…

  • Length to be 81 – 85 cm
  • Square section inner at both ends
  • 11mm screw over, at the clock end
  • 15mm screw over at the drive end

I even measured the thread pitch from the rev counter, and from the drive stub on the engine, being 1.0 and 1.5 respectively.

What arrived, on the face of it, looked fine, until I trial fitted it to the parts.
The clock end screwed on fine, but the drive end felt vary stiff.
I stopped turning before I did any damage and measured the internal thread at the 15mm drive end.
It was 1.0
Not the 1.5 I had measured and specified.

How many LC owners over the past 40 years have been supplied with a 1.0 pitch cable and simply forced it on, wrecking the plastic drive adaptor in the process.

Anyway, Mystery solved.
i got a refund from the ebay seller, and ordered from RDLCCrazy.
Slightly more expensive, but I received what I had ordered.

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