Engine: Inspection and rebuild

So the cases are clean, the internals are present, and it’s stopped raining, (not that that should make any difference!)
It’s time to build it back up again, cleaning and inspecting the parts as it goes back together.
Before doing so, I took the opportunity to run an 8mm die down all 16 of the studs in the top half of the cases and give the threads some oil to stop them rusting.
First in is the tacho drive, back into the top half.
Next in is the gear selector drum and the selector forks, all look good and measure within tolerance.
I had not taken the gears off the shafts, so now it was just a case of washing them down and inspecting for wear.
Everything looks OK so back in they go.

I had high hopes that the crankshaft, even after 25 years of neglect, would be OK to reuse.
It “felt” OK when I span it up in the cases, it looked OK(ish) when I took it out, but after cleaning the dried up oil and clag from the bearings and giving it a paraffin bath, it’s clear that at least 3 of the mains are FUBAR, and I now have doubts about the integrity of the crankpins.
I’m going to need a new crankshaft.
Yes. that’s the colour of the paraffin bath after I washed the bearings out. 

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