Temperature sender repair

While waiting for various parts to arrive in the post, I thought to overcome a small problem that I’m sure all LC owners have to deal with from time to time.
The spade connector atop the temperature sender is apt to snap off.
This one from the donor bike has.
In the past I have soldered a wire to the top of the sender and connected to the loom that way, but it has always been a bit fragile.
This time I was determined to find a better solution.
Using a spade connector from the electrical repairs box…

  • Clean up the little knob on the top of the sender with a dremmel.
  • Scrub the whole top of the sender clean with brake cleaner and a toothbrush.
  • Cut down the new spade connector and drill a 3mm hole in it.
  • Tin the top of the sender using copious amounts of flux.
  • Tin the spade connector using copious amounts of flux.
  • Place the hole over the knob, and heat until the solder flows

I’ll put a blob of epoxy adhesive on top later, and paint it green.

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