All about cleaning the brake caliper

The paint on a brake caliper is quite hard to remove.
It requires multiple applications of Nitromors, followed by application of the rotary wire brush.
This is undeniably messy, with little bits of corrosive paint stripper flying off in all directions.
A small wire brush on a Dremmel came in handy for getting into the nooks and crannies.
Then comes the removal of the old seals.
I used a tiny jewellers screwdriver to pry out the seals, and then to scrape the salt, corrosion and grime out of the slots. The Dremmel and its tiny wire brush came in handy again for finishing the clean out of the slots.

This took about 5 minutes to write, and about 2 hours to do!

Next for the brake caliper is fitting the new seals and piston, masking off, and painting with some VHT Paint.

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