Second build – Day 1

With all of the preparation done, (nearly), for the second build, powder coating, cleaning, repairing, it’s time to assemble the jigsaw once again.

  • Fit swingarm to frame – (Don’t forget Rubber chain guard)
  • Press taper bearings into frame, fit front forks and yokes
  • Refit rubber grommets into frame _ warm in hot soapy water first)
  • Run a tap down all the threads on the frame – 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
  • Run a tap down 2 threads on the swingarm – 5mm
  • Run a tap down all the threads on the rear subframe – 6mm, 8mm
  • Run a tap down 4 threads on the headlamp brackets – 6mm
  • Fit rear (lower) mudguard, with CDI Unit
  • Fit Shock
  • Fit Centre stand
  • Fit front end (Top and bottom Yokes, forks headlamp mounts, handlebars)
  • Fit rear subframe
  • Fit “standing handlebar”

A pleasant afternoon, mostly in the sun.