Refurbishing the clutch cover.

The clutch cover from the donor bike was so bad that I didn’t fit it to the bike for the stage one build… I used a spare.
Having it sitting on the shelf prompted me to think on whether it could be saved.
The top surface had been drilled with a Datatag dot pattern, and the side had a big roadrash scar where it had been down the road. The paint was flaking off in lumps.

Some filler, files and a lot of patience got me close enough to finish off with filler primer, (wonderful stuff), and wet’n’dry.
I used Simoniz “Tough Paint” Satin black to finish.

The whole end to end process took about a week, working on it intermittently, and letting the treatments cure properly between working sessions.
Total effort was probably around 5 or 6 hours.