Engine : Setting up fuel and lubrication

The engine is back in the frame, which is another milestone of sorts.
The end is in sight, but let’s not rush.
I still need to fit the throttle cable, balance the carbs, and set the oil pump.
the oil pump being interesting due to the many different options and updates to the various oil pump implementations over the life of the bike, and the fact that this will be a new experience for me, having always run premix from my first LC in 1986.

First the carbs.
They fit between two rubber locators, all of which have hardened over time.
To ease the fit, I used a hot air gun to soften the rubber before fitting.
The carbs are a snug fit in the front rubbers, but the rear airbox rubbers barely meet the carb backs.
With a bit of hot air, and some manipulation, I managed to get the rubbers over the back of the carbs by about 1mm, and quickly tightened the screws on the jubilee style clips to hold them in place. Have they shrunk with age?
With the carbs, and throttle cable in place, I fitted the carb tops. I had a problem with the rubber circles dropping down the spring, and therefore not seating properly.
a couple of dabs of gasket goo between the rubber gaskets and the carb tops sorted that.

Balance the carbs by ensuring that the drilling visible in the sight glass is at exactly the same height on both carbs.

…and set the oil pump to the “correct” mark. (Depending on 250/350, oil pump age, modifications carried out, and pulley type.
For my 250, with a late 250 pump, with a 1M1 pulley, this seemed to be the mark circa 10mm past, (clockwise from) the cable attachment).
Unfortunately, with the oil section of my throttle cable adjusted to maximum slackness, the pulley kept going way past the mark.

My throttle cable, (oil pump section), is too short!

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