Meanwhile, Left and right engine covers

While awaiting a new crank, I can get on with assembling the left and right engine sidecovers.
the donor bike sidecovers are horrible.

I have better examples in my box of bits, so I shall use them, and keep the original donor bike items for extensive cleaning and painting later in the prettyfication stage.

After about an hour of grubbing around in the parts box, I managed to come up with a selection of worm drive parts. These allied with a new ball bearing, spring and adjustment screw were enough to build a functional pulley into the Left hand engine case.
the old ball bearings were no longer “ball” shaped.

A functional 250 (red paint dot) oil pump was picked out from the pile, and fitted to the RHS engine case with new gaskets.
Similarly, a decent water pump impeller was found in the parts box, and fitted with a new oil seal and cleaned and oiled bearing.
A freshly cleaned water pump cover was fitted with some shiny new Allen bolts.
The fitting dowel pin for the drive cog is the same as for the oil pump, of which I have any number, and a new 8mm circlip was ordered to be safe.
A new water pump drive cog has been ordered.
Not from the UK… £96? for a nylon gear wheel? Are you crazy?
An alloy one has been ordered from the UK Amazon website. It is for a Yamaha Banshee quad engine, but is the same according to cross referencing part numbers. £20 posted is more affordable than close to a ton!

So left and right hand casings are refurbished and in good mechanical order, albeit not in perfect cosmetic condition.
I’m still awaiting the crankshaft to recommence the core engine build.

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