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The headlamp is a horror show.

Somehow, i had convinced myself that it was original, but the plastic housing, while identical to the OEM one in construction, materials and finish, has no Yamaha stamp.
The glass lens is not marked KOITO, and the internal fixtures and fittings are not the same.
Referring back to the photos of when the bike returned to me, the lens had a black triangle stuck to the front.
Was this because the pattern lenses, of which this is one, have a non-UK legal dip spread?

Regardless. As a replacement pattern headlamp is available for less than £30, there is no value to this piece of junk, and it can go back to its resting place in the parts box for absolute emergencies.


I ordered one of the pattern headlamps, perhaps there are two different types, given such a wide disparity in pricing, and some being delivered with a halogen bulb, and some not.
This one did not come with a main bulb.
This is what the internals and glass of a 1980 Yamaha Koito headlamp look like, (From my day to day bike).
You can no longer make out the markings on the inside, but I believe they would have conained the Koito part number 997-16120, indicating that it has a dip beam spread suitable for Left hand drive countries (UK and Singapore, etc.)

Below are pictures of what came in the pattern headlamp box.
It all looks good, and from the outside would look the part when affixed to an LC. But…

  • The headlamp reflector/glass has no markings, and Yambits point out that the dip beam spread can fail the MOT at at least some MOT stations.
  • The shell is glossy. GLOSSY! the plastic of which it is constructed is thinner than OEM, and less bendy, (so perhaps more brittle)
  • The shell has no top opening to allow wires from the ignition and clocks in.
  • there are no metal collars in the screw holes
  • the tinwork for the rim and internal adjustment ring is much flimsier than OEM. It will do a job, but I fear it will end up looking like my original example at the top of the page sooner rather than later.
  • why an orange/yellow pilot bulb?
  • The metal tabs holding the spring clips, (which in turn, hold the reflector in place), are bent over pretty aggressively. (Currently defying my attempts to remove the clips… but I will prevail!)

It’s not all a loss though, because as flimsy as it is, the rim and metalwork will be a sufficient solution to build up a complete assembly.
I’ll use an original headlamp shell from the parts box. It has a small crack in it, but it has to be better than this shiny monstrosity.
I just need to source a Koito glass/reflector, which looks like it will fit straight into the rim fixings, and then polish the chrome with a good wax based polish in an attempt to preserve the finish on the rim.

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