The Parts Box

I have realised that i have been referring to “The Parts Box” on many occasions, and it behooves me to explain exactly what this is.

Shortly after rescuing this project bike, (from under a leaky tarpaulin in someones front garden), for the fist time in about 1984, I recognised that said donor bike was missing a number of parts, and many parts that were on it were not reusable. (not dissimilar to the experience this time around)

While chatting about this in the pub, (as you do), a friend of a friend offered me another project. A TZ racing frame, 2 LC engines, and 3 tea chests of LC parts, for £200.

After snapping his hand off, metaphorically speaking, these parts have kept various LC bikes and projects running for the past 35 years.

The “Parts Box” is what is left of these 3 tea chests, plus whatever other parts have built up over time.

No. the TZ project was started, deemed to be too expensive, and indefinitely put on hold.
The TZ frame, seat, the, (not a TZ), shock and tank were sold in 2005 for many, many times the cost of the original deal.

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