Electrics (Part 1 : Prep.)

Now that the project is up on it’s wheels, It’s time to look at bolting things on. Rather than approach in a haphazard way, (whats next in the parts box), I imagined a more structured way.
The wiring loom from the donor bike has been butchered, and rebutchered over an extended period of time. I started the process decades ago, with the Frankenstein-like addition of a random fusebox.

This will not be returning to the rebuilt bike, and had to be removed from the battery box with a drill.
Anyway… The original loom, (on the left below), from the donor bike is so old and repaired that I don’t have a great deal of confidence in it.
I have another, found in the parts bin, (on the right, below), which may suffice, but it too is missing some connectors, and will have to be thoroughly tested.

So my plan is to attach the better loom to the frame, and then one by one connect up the various electrical elements and ensure that they work correctly.

One minor hitch to that plan is that many of the electrical items are connected to brackets on other sub-units of the chassis.
Exhibit A. the regulator rectifier is connected to the battery box, (and in the case of the item pictured will not come off), so the battery box needed to be cleaned and prepared ready to fit, before i can start with the electrical rebuild plan.

What can also be observed from the picture of the fitted battery box, and regulator rectifier, is the wiring connections have been modified with the addition of bullet connectors to keep it running as the pins rotted out from within the connector.
This will not do, so a repair, or alternative Regulator is now in the plan.
So here’s the list of electrical elements which I need to fit to fully test the electrical system and loom integrity… and the items that need to be cleaned and prepared in order to fit them to the frame.

Electrical ItemSourced fromAttached To
Wiring loomParts BoxFrame
Horn (Genuine Yamaha)Parts BoxHeadlamp bracket
Rear brake light switchebayFrame
Front brake light switchebayFront brake master cylinder
Oil level switchDonor bikeOil tank
Ignition switchebayTop yoke
Front indicatorsYambitsHeadlamp brackets
Rear indicatorsParts boxRear subframe
Flasher relayDonor bikeBattery box
Ignition coilsDonor bikeFrame
CDI unitDonor bikeRear mudguard
Regulator RectifierParts boxBattery box
Indicator Cancel boxDonor bikeFrame

The parts I need to clean and prepare are without exception covered in a thick patina of oil, grease and road grime. They are also stricken with rusted nuts and bolts.
From the list you can also see that certain parts are sourced from ebay, where these parts are either seized solid, completely inoperable, or just missing.
The running total expenditure is rising rapidly!

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